Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What a difference a year makes

The picture on the left, and those on the right were taken exactly a year apart (almost to the minute). What a difference hey?

How much have you learnt in a year? Since that first picture, top-right, I've learnt to breath, to suck, to chew; to do things at the other end which we won't talk about.

I can crawl, stand, and almost walk (seven steps the other day). I like to cuddle my dolly, to wave at people - goodbye mostly, but sometimes hello. I can do so many fascinating things with my hands - pick up things between my fingers, tear magazines to pieces.

I could go on, but it is almost bed-time. And anyway, Daddy doesn't like me to boast.

But I bet you haven't learnt as much as me! Posted by Picasa

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