Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Expressing myself

Nine for the price of one today! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Busy Daddy

There now! Hasn't Daddy been busy today. I think he might have read what I said about not taking enough Photos. He's given me some more as well, but I think I'll save those until later in the week.

What a big mouth I've got

Another silly photo of me. I think I was trying to swallow the camera (not that I'm in need of an endoscopy you understand). Posted by Picasa

My Great Grandpa's Birthday

My Great Grandpa (Daddy's Daddy's Dad) is having a birthday this week.

I wonder how old he is?

Whilst we are on the subject of shoes...

One last picture of my shoes (I can only have one first pair of shoes you know - I've learnt that much about counting).

And if anybody from Clarks Shoes would like to use this picture in their advertising ... you can leave a comment! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I am still beautiful

You might have been wondering why I have been posting word pictures rather than photo pictures. Rest assured that it is not because my beauty is failing with old age. It's just that my regular photographer, Daddy, has not been as dilligent as he ought to be.

This is one he took tonight. Posted by Picasa

My First Shoes

I went with Mummy to Merry Hill today. We bought my first pair of shoes.

Mummy's and Daddy's shoes shown for scale. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

44 Peas and counting

I love Sunday Dinners, and this Sunday, I discovered a new favourite: Peas!

Mummy says I've eaten peas before, but they've always been mixed in with the other goop that she feeds me, so I can't tell. This time she put the real things on my plate, for me to pick up with my fingers. And did I pick them up!

43 of them I ate, non-stop, making sure that any other intruding vegetables got dropped over the side of my seat (gives one a great medieval feeling doing that!). Then I had pudding (peach crumble and custard since you ask). And as Mummy was taking me out of my high-chair, another one rolled out from a crevice somewhere, so I grabbed that too. 44 in total.

(It was Mummy doing the counting, by the way: I can't, and Daddy had better things to do.)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Horsey-riding, Horsey-riding

Granny bought herself a rocking horse a little while back ("It was half price and I couldn't resist!"). I think it might be a bit too small for her, but I didn't say anything. Anyway, since the horse has been stabled in our lounge while she prepares her cats for a new companion, I thought I'd have a go.

Fits me quite nicely. Posted by Picasa

Will I have to go to Jail?

Today I took on a bigger, and weightier challange: shoplifting. You might wonder how one so small as I could pick up a shop and raise it into the air? Well apparently (according to Mummy anyway - and she's always right) you don't have to do that to be a shoplifter.

We were in the supermarket today, and Mummy was picking things up and putting them in our trolley, so I thought I'd have a go. I saw a packet of angry raisins on the shelf (Mummy called them Cranberries) and thought they might calm down a bit if I gave them a cuddle. So I held on to them all the way through the checkout (the bit where Mummy gets everything out of trolley and puts in in bags: why doesn't she put it in bags straightway, seems a bit silly to me) until we got outside.

The raisins hadn't got any less red in the face then, so at this point I showed them to Mummy to see if she could help. Then for some reason, she rushed back into the shop, to the checkout again, and showed then the angry raisins. That was when she said I was a shoplifter. I still don't really understand.

Did I do something wrong?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Progress Report

I said at Christmas that I'd let you know how I was getting on with my Zimmer Frame. I've now got something to report.

But first, a word (perhaps even a sentence or three) about my crawling.

About a week ago I was lying on the floor (crumb-hunting possibly - I don't remember) at one end of the lounge, and Mummy put something interesting down on the floor at the other end. It didn't take me long (20 milliseconds maybe) to realise that it was raisins - black squidy sweet things, not to be confused with the other black squidgy things which definitely aren't sweet. Why she put them on the other side of the room, when I was this side, I don't know. Mummy does things like that sometimes, poor dear. Perhaps I had my eyes closed at that moment so she couldn't see where I was.

Anyway, when I saw that it was something more substantial than crumbs, I flipped onto my front (an old trick, but a useful one), and then got up onto my hands and knees. At this point, I usually try rocking backwards and forwards to see if the object in question will move towards me. Now from experience, I've learnt that things can be quite stubborn in staying put (particularly the floor when I'm falling towards it - doesn't it know that it would be polite to move out of the way). So this time I tried something new.

I lifted a hand, and placed it a little way in front of me. Then the same with the other hand. Feeling a little stretched, I realised that my legs were getting left behind, so told them to catch up. The raisins seemed a little closer. Then I did it again. Mummy looked pleased, but this was tiring work. Could I keep it up?

It was the thought of the sugar buzz that spurred me on. Centimeter by centimeter, I got closer and closer, until finally I was there. The look on Mummy's face was almost better than the raisins.

But I'm not sure Mummy is so pleased now. That first crawl has shrunk the lounge to a cot. I can get anywhere in a moments notice. Over to the fireguard, that Daddy still hasn't fixed to the wall. Then to the videorecorder with the funny little flap on the front (I haven't found out what's inside - yet!). And not forgetting the behinds, and the underneaths of the chairs with the geological layers of forgotten toys.

I bet Mummy wishes she never started that game!

But back to by Zimmer frame. Walking with it is easy. So next up is running. My theory is that if I run fast enough, and then launch myself from it, my speed will keep me up all by myself. If only the floor would stop getting in the way.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My First One-Liner

Amongst other things, my sense of comic timing is developing nicely.

Take today for example. Mummy and I (I've been learning grammer also) were sitting in the lounge, when we heard the Ice Cream van drive tunefully past.

"Who'd buy Ice Creams at this time of the year?", said Mummy.

"Dada!", said I.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

If that hat doesn't fit?

Mummy got a new outfit to go with a pretty dress that Lynn bought her. That hat was the most interesting part: I think my brains need to grow a bit before she'll hand it on to me. I wonder when her head will grow out of the hat? Posted by Picasa

Mmmm... smell those thistles.

Daddy bought Mummy some flowers the other day (nice of him wasn't it?). Strange though: if flowers are all different colours, why are the sponge cakes that Granny makes me all the same colour. They have flours in don't they? Posted by Picasa

In the hot (pink) seat!

Mummy bought me a Totseat. This is me trying it out the other night. It means I can be a big girl and sit in a big girls chair. You can buy one too if you want from http://www.totseat.com/ (no harm in a bit of product placement!). Posted by Picasa