Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Asda in a van

A man in a van came to our house the other night; I was allowed to wait up to see him. On its side, the van bore the letters “ASDA” in bold green type, letters that I now associate with the tedium of trudging up and down aisles, putting tins and things in trolleys.

The van driver brought a load of boxes to our front door in which were bags of groceries: it was amazing – he seemed to know exactly what was usually on our shopping list. I scurried back and forth along the hall, ferrying loaves of bread and such-like to the kitchen.

“It will be midnight by the time we’ve finished this”, I remarked to Daddy, in great hope.

Sadly I didn’t manage to spin it out for that long, and bed-time was called when the big-hand was only half a circle further round than usual.

But next morning, I was still thinking about the whole affair. “It’s a good idea, a man bringing the shopping to our house”, I told Mummy. “It saves me getting bored going round the shop.”

Then another thought struck me.

“Do they do clothes like that?”

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Chemistry of Kettles

“What happens to water when you put it in the freezer”, Daddy asked me one day.

That was easy.

“It makes ice”, I replied.

“Then what happens to ice when it gets warm?”, Daddy continued.

That was easy too. There was an ice-cream lid in front of me, and on it, white ice crystals were slowly turning into clear droplets – in fact this was what got Daddy started on his impromptu Chemistry lesson.

“It turns into water”, I said, to Daddy’s satisfaction. Then came his final question.

“And what happens to water when you put it in the Kettle?”

Followed by my reply.

“It makes Tea!”