Friday, April 21, 2006

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Seen on a door at Aunty Joans Home

Aunty Joan lives in a big house with a lot of other friends of her age. As I was walking down the corridor, I saw this sign on a door, and asked Daddy to take a Photo. Because I have a question to ask you all.

Suppose one day, somebody decided that I was so pretty that they wanted to marry me (we're just supposing remember). Suppose also, that this person hated peas so much that I couldn't possibly say yes. Would I have to go to this room to turn them down?

Is that what it is? A room just for saying "No!"? Posted by Picasa

On Ilkley Moor, bar t'hat.

On Monday and Tuesday we were up north, near Leeds. Our first visit was to see Aunty Charlotte, Mummy's mad friend. You can tell she's the arty type, can't you!

But we were mainly going to see my Great Great Aunty Joan (bet you don't have an Aunty Joan who is as Great as that!). We went out for dinner with her on Tuesday. As you can see from the next picture, I had to have stern words with my peas. They kept trying to jump off the plate. Wasn't my fault, of course.

After lunch we went for a walk. Since Aunty Joan is very advanced in years (I belive she is almost four-score years and ten), I thought it only right to give her a hand to keep her steady on her feet:

All in all, we had a very enjoyable Easter. Here's a few closing shots of the scenery around the Cow and Calf (on Ilkley Moor, no less).

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Visiting the new baby

On Friday we went down south to visit the new baby cousin. She's very nice. I'll see if I'm allowed to show you a picture of her.

Obviously the picture I have shown you is not the baby: this is Mummy's cousin Peter. Usually, he thinks about easy things like 3 dimensional mathematical models of magentism; I got him thinking about hard problems like why Postman Pat only has three fingers. Posted by Picasa

Happy Easter

Hello all. Sorry for not posting for a while. I've been on my travels. The good news for you is that my official photographer went with me, so I've now got plenty of new things to show you. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Annabel Ethnic

Annabel Ethnic was one of my birthday presents. I had to cover her eyes up because Granny is a bit of a frightening sight until you get used to her. Posted by Picasa

What a difference a year makes

The picture on the left, and those on the right were taken exactly a year apart (almost to the minute). What a difference hey?

How much have you learnt in a year? Since that first picture, top-right, I've learnt to breath, to suck, to chew; to do things at the other end which we won't talk about.

I can crawl, stand, and almost walk (seven steps the other day). I like to cuddle my dolly, to wave at people - goodbye mostly, but sometimes hello. I can do so many fascinating things with my hands - pick up things between my fingers, tear magazines to pieces.

I could go on, but it is almost bed-time. And anyway, Daddy doesn't like me to boast.

But I bet you haven't learnt as much as me! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 08, 2006

My Official Birthday Portrait

I know you've all been waiting for it: so here, exclusive to my website, is the official birthday portrait. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Uncle Bob and Aunty Jean (and me)

Here's Me, my party dress, Aunty Jean, Uncle Bob, and the nice jigsaw puzzle they brought me.

Can you tell which is which and who is who? Posted by Picasa

Guess what just happened?

Can you guess? Bet you can't. My Great Aunty Jean, and Great Uncle Bob, who I have never seen before came to by birthday party. They drove a long way, just to see me, which I thought was very nice of them.

Anyway, they wanted a picture of us all. So Mummy plonked herself down on Daddy's lap, and I hopped up on Mummy's. And then Uncle Bob tried to make me look at Daddy's camera, but I'd seen it (several times) before. So he waved around even more enthusiastically - and then came the sound of tinkling glass. He'd knocked the light shade above his head into the ceiling!

Mummy and Daddy didn't mind. Now they can get a light shade that is younger than them. Posted by Picasa

My Birthday

Can you believe it: it's my Birthday tomorrow (that is, the day when I celebrate my birth, rather than the day I am going to be birthed). It only seems like yesterday that I spent all my time lying on my back watching Daddy take pictures of me (Oh, wait - that was yesterday!). I'm sure time goes faster as you get older.

We had my birthday party today. Loads and loads (car-loads that is, rather than coach-loads) of people came. I sat on the floor (I couldn't really do anything else - there was no space), whilst everybody watched me eat. They seemed to find it quite interesting.

Then Daddy brought my cake in. They didn't seem to notice, but it was on fire, so I pointed at it. Just when I thought things might be getting dangerous, Aunty Anna and Mummy came and put the fire out with water from their mouths. So that was OK. The cake tasted rather nice actually.