Thursday, April 20, 2006

On Ilkley Moor, bar t'hat.

On Monday and Tuesday we were up north, near Leeds. Our first visit was to see Aunty Charlotte, Mummy's mad friend. You can tell she's the arty type, can't you!

But we were mainly going to see my Great Great Aunty Joan (bet you don't have an Aunty Joan who is as Great as that!). We went out for dinner with her on Tuesday. As you can see from the next picture, I had to have stern words with my peas. They kept trying to jump off the plate. Wasn't my fault, of course.

After lunch we went for a walk. Since Aunty Joan is very advanced in years (I belive she is almost four-score years and ten), I thought it only right to give her a hand to keep her steady on her feet:

All in all, we had a very enjoyable Easter. Here's a few closing shots of the scenery around the Cow and Calf (on Ilkley Moor, no less).

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