Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I've been going through Daddy's grammer book recently (made sense after I'd read the book on Punc-tu-a-tion). I've been learning about conjuctions. So when I want Daddy to give me Rice Crispies with my Cornflakes, I have to say

"And Crispies And Cornclakes"!

Another example:

Mummy: "What do you want for tea, Peas or Beans?"
Me: "And Peas and Beans and Peas"

Getting out of it

Sometimes I'm busy when Mummy asks me to do something (or tells me that something is going to be done to me). It is inconvenient, and I don't want to. But for the good of both parties, it is best to avoid direct confrontation.

I've found that humour is a good technique to try. My favourite example recently:

Mummy: "Can I smell something?"
Me: "Teddy" [or "Dolly", or "Daddy"!]
Mummy: "I think it's you. Come with Mummy, and we'll change your nappy."
Me: "No thank you, Mrs Tubby Bear!"

Inspired, don't you think? I think I must have got that one from my Noddy videators.

(Note if you want to try this at home: If it's Daddy you're talking to, you need to say, "No thank you, Mr Tubby Bear")

Monday, January 22, 2007

Knowing Me, Knowing You!

Me and You are two words that will not stay in the right order.

So I say to Mummy, "Mummy, read book to you".

Mummy replies "Read book to me".

And I think, "I can't read the book to you, I want you to read it to me.". But anyway, she still seems to get the message.


Some words are more important than others, so important in fact, that they insist on being used all the time. Words like "Sorry", for example.

So this evening, as I walked passed Mummy I squashed her foot a bit. Now I'm sure I didn't hurt her, but that word insisted on coming out.

"Sorry Mummy. Trod on you!"

Saturday, January 13, 2007

More Guess what?

What's this?

A radiator!

Now you should be able to guess what this is:

A videator!

It plays Noddy and Postman Pat Videos! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Guess what?

What is this?

A Fridge! What's this?

A Full Stop! And do you know what this is?

Well, it's a star now, but it used to be called an Uppa. As in
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,
How I wonder what you are,
UP Above the world so high...

So there you go. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was very exciting. I learnt several new words including "another", as in "another present!". I even remembered "please" on occasions.

The most exciting part was my new baby. Here you see me giving her the first of several breakfasts she had that morning. Cornflakes and Crispies, I think it was.

Another of my presents, a book about Little Owl, had flown all the way over from Canada. Thank you Aunty Aileen!

And then Mummy cooked us all a beautiful Christmas Dinner. What you are looking at was just the Appertiser! Posted by Picasa

Christmas - the warm up

Daddy had a long Christmas holiday. Two whole weeks to spend with me. He broke up on the Tuesday before Christmas, so on the Wednesday we went to a German market. They'd brought it all the way over to where near we lived, because they know I don't like flying yet.

Later that week, our friends Lynn and Harry visited, and they brought us lots of presents. I was given an iron and an ironing board so that I can help mummy. Here you see me finding out what it's like being a Christmas Present.

On Sunday we went to Nana and Grandad's. Nana cooked us all a nice dinner (I ate loads of sprouts - way more than Daddy!), and then I sat on her lap to open my present.

That night as Mummy put me to bed, I told her "Me Sleeping. Ho Ho come. Presents for Me!" Posted by Picasa