Thursday, February 22, 2007

Breakfast time is story time

You wouldn't have thought there was much scope for the imagination in a bowl of breakfast cereal would you?

Think again.

Meet Sophie and Susie. There they are in the picture, between my fingers: they were my friends for the morning, until the milk made them too soggy, and they went squishy. They are rice crispies.

I told Daddy all about them, whilst I was eating the other crispies. Then Sophie and Susie went for a ride on the Spoonmobile.

Susie even bounced around the edge of my bowl, and played "bouncy ball, catch" with Sophie.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Me in the snow

Someone asked for snaps of me in the snow.
Well here you go.

It was jolly cold,
And as I'm not very old
I had to wrap up warm
From the effects of the storm.

You'll see Mummy on a sledge-
"Watch out- there's a hedge"-
And me in my blue suit
With wellies to boot!

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Getting out of it: the direct approach

Sometimes the humorous approach to getting out of it doesn't work. Then you have to fall back on the direct approach. Like this:

Mummy was quizzing me on her favourite subject (my nappy).

"I'm reading a book", I said, "Mummy go in kitchen"

She ought to know her place.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Mummy had some friends visit her today. Usually I like visitors. But this friend had a baby, and it crawled. Towards me. So when the friend said she'd have to leave I agreed:

"Go home. Bye Bye"

And when they finally got up to leave, I said

"Hooray. Watch Noddy!"