Saturday, April 01, 2006

My Birthday

Can you believe it: it's my Birthday tomorrow (that is, the day when I celebrate my birth, rather than the day I am going to be birthed). It only seems like yesterday that I spent all my time lying on my back watching Daddy take pictures of me (Oh, wait - that was yesterday!). I'm sure time goes faster as you get older.

We had my birthday party today. Loads and loads (car-loads that is, rather than coach-loads) of people came. I sat on the floor (I couldn't really do anything else - there was no space), whilst everybody watched me eat. They seemed to find it quite interesting.

Then Daddy brought my cake in. They didn't seem to notice, but it was on fire, so I pointed at it. Just when I thought things might be getting dangerous, Aunty Anna and Mummy came and put the fire out with water from their mouths. So that was OK. The cake tasted rather nice actually.

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