Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where do I come from?

I was looking at my tongue in the mirror the other day, as you do.

"It's rather large, but quite nice", I remarked to Mummy.

"Did you have to pay a lot of money for that tongue?" Mummy asked.

"No! It came free with the rest of me".

"Oh, that's funny", Mummy continued, "I had to pay a lot of money for my tongue."

Silence for a moment as I studied Mummy's face carefully. Yes - a twinkle in the eye; she was joking

"Well actually," I said, considering, "my tongue and my eyes and all the rest of me were free, except for my pink skin which was on special offer in Woolworth's!".

Monday, September 08, 2008

Back to Pre-school

I started Pre-school again the other day. I have a new uniform to wear, and, because I'm now a big girl and staying for lunch, I'm also the proud possessor of a new lunch bag.

Pre-school uniform

Don't I look grown up?

A new girl started today. I thought at first she might be a baby, because she had a dummy. But she wasn't - perhaps she just liked the taste. Her name is Angel. I kept watching her to see if she would fly. It's a good job that she didn't because I don't think my teacher would have been very pleased: she might have knocked the things off the walls.

I told Mummy when we got home that I quite liked pre-school but that it was a bit boring. All we did was play - we didn't do any reading or writing!