Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Mummy! Your lips are just like mine!

Your tiny hand is ... actually lovely and warm.

Isn't Daddy mean: he took pictures of me as I was waking up this morning! I'll get my revenge one day.

Monday, September 26, 2005

My cousin Rebekah (you should be able to work out which one she is!) went to University on Saturday. I hope she enjoys herself. Do they learn better ways of eating and sleeping at university?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Me having a kick around on Caldy Island. Those monks were funny (they wore socks with sandals).

A self-portrait of me and Daddy - I was strapped onto Daddy's front in one of those Carrier thingys.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Mummy's friend Tara came to visit today. She's getting married and she showed me her new ring. Does anybody want to marry me so I can have one?

My Summer Holiday

This week I've been on holiday. Mummy and Daddy and Granny and Me went and stayed in a bungalow near Saundersfoot. You can see where that is on this map thingy. It was a very posh bungalow, and I soon made myself feel at home.

On Monday evening we went for a walk at Saundersfoot.

On Tuesday we went on a boat. It took us to Caldy Island. Caldy Island is where Monks live (Mummy kept on calling them Monkies, by I think they're something different. Don't they have tails?). The Monks all live in a big house called a Monastry.

The building you can see at the right of the Monastry is a Post Office. The Monks must send lots of letters to their Mummy's and Daddy's. They make their own chocolate and perfume and Shortbread, but I wasn't allowed to eat any. You can buy some from this shop if you want to.There's a lighthouse on the island. We went for a walk to see it. I got hungry on the way, so we had to stop for me to have my lunch.

On Wednesday we went to a Chocolate Farm. I didn't see any chocolates growing in the field, but they did have Chocolate Fountains.

They dipped a Marshmallow kebab in the fountain for my Daddy to eat. That evening, I went to a big bathroom called The Beach. The floor is made of stuff called sand.

The bath is very big and very cold. I'm afraid I yelled a bit when my feet went in it.

On Thursday we went shopping.

On Friday we came home.

Tenby is a very pretty place. You should go there for your holiday.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Relaxing after a hard nights sleep.

Look! No hands! (to help me balance I mean: of course I've still got hands really). I can stand up all by myself, and bounce around, and twizzle, and spy on mummy in the kitchen.
Guess what I had for lunch today? Go on: .... guess!

Couldn't guess? Mushed up peas! (Not mushy peas, but proper peas that have been mushed by Mummy's blender).

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Daddy giving me some food (just to show that he's keeping his hand in). Looks like he's getting a bit carried away, doesn't it!

Me and Mummy. She makes quite a comfy armchair.

Sleeping Beauty