Monday, June 29, 2009

I’m now a big sister!

I went to the hospital the other day. Guess who I went to see? My new baby brother.

P1040594 Isn’t he cute!

P1040579 I was a bit reluctant to hold him at first. The trouble is, you see, that whenever he cries my hands go to my ears, and I turn a bit pink. You can’t hold a baby when your hands are covering your ears.

I explained my strange behaviour to Daddy this morning. Babies can’t talk, so the only way they can tell us things is by crying. But decoding the cry is quite difficult, so I cover my ears up to help me think better. And I turn pink because pink rhymes with think!

More gratuitous cuteness:




Rebecca said...

Oh! Congratulations Squiggler (and Mummy and Daddy)!

It's funny, I haven't looked at your blog for ages, and suddenly thought of you tonight. And only today you have posted such exciting news.

Will Little Brother be having his own blog or will you report on his activities with your usual eloquence and wit?

Love Bec x

Squiggler said...

I think I'll share my blog with him - being a boy, I doubt whether he'd get round to telling you anything himself!