Saturday, April 12, 2008

My special day 2008

That's your hint. Guess whose special day it was last week? And for bonus points, deduce how old I am now. A very big girl as you can see.

I was overwhelmed with the many tokens of appreciation. They came flooding in. I kept telling people: "Thank you very much. That's all I ever wanted!"

Mummy arranged a very nice birthday party for me and a handful (if you have big hands) of my closest friends. I had decided several days in advance that I wanted a butterfly painted on my face at the party, and I wasn't disappointed with the result.

The best thing about my Birthday was that I had not one, not two, but three Birthday cakes (five if you include the ones I was allowed to blow out, but not eat, at the two toddler groups I frequent).

My favourite one was this one that Mummy lovingly handcrafted for me. I'm sure you recognise who it is, even though she is upside down in this picture:

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