Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Getting out of it

Sometimes I'm busy when Mummy asks me to do something (or tells me that something is going to be done to me). It is inconvenient, and I don't want to. But for the good of both parties, it is best to avoid direct confrontation.

I've found that humour is a good technique to try. My favourite example recently:

Mummy: "Can I smell something?"
Me: "Teddy" [or "Dolly", or "Daddy"!]
Mummy: "I think it's you. Come with Mummy, and we'll change your nappy."
Me: "No thank you, Mrs Tubby Bear!"

Inspired, don't you think? I think I must have got that one from my Noddy videators.

(Note if you want to try this at home: If it's Daddy you're talking to, you need to say, "No thank you, Mr Tubby Bear")

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