Thursday, September 28, 2006

I can answer any question as long as it's pink!

Learning to speak the way Mummy and Daddy do is a slow process. I thought I could bring them up to my level, and teach them my language, but they insist on telling me about Cats, Mats and Hats.

I started tackling the subject of questions and answers not so long ago. It's amazing how few answers you really need to cover a whole range of questions.

If I'm asked how many there are, or how much it is, the answer can always be "two". For "what colour is it?", "pink" seems to be acceptable. And when Mummy wants to know where something is (her mobile, or my shoes, for example) the answer is usually "under" (it's much more fun making her guess what it's beneath!).

Plates are usually "empty"  30 seconds after Daddy gets his hands on them, and you can guarantee that "puddink" comes after "dinner".

I get even better mileage out of my friends and relatives whose names sound conveniently the same: there's Aunty Anna, Aunty Anne, Nana, and Joanna. But why strain my tongue around those extra sounds when "Anna" will do for any of them?

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