Saturday, July 29, 2006

Our Summer Holiday: Part 3

Are you bored of this yet?

On the Wednesday of our holiday, we went to Kent's Caverns in Babbacombe. (I did see quite a few other Babbas there, by the way). Mummy and Daddy wondered whether I would like it down there: I told them (though I'm not sure they understood) that as long as they didn't leave me in there to live with the cave bears and things, I'd be fine. Above you see my curly locks dissapearing into the depths.

They also did a ghost show that you could go and see. Mummy and I saved money by putting on our own!

Whilst there I taste tested the local Mini Milks. Not much different to the ones at home, I thought.

In an odd momement that I found, I stress tested Mummys new bracelet. It bore up quite well, and made an exciting pinging noise when I let go! Posted by Picasa

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