Tuesday, February 21, 2006

44 Peas and counting

I love Sunday Dinners, and this Sunday, I discovered a new favourite: Peas!

Mummy says I've eaten peas before, but they've always been mixed in with the other goop that she feeds me, so I can't tell. This time she put the real things on my plate, for me to pick up with my fingers. And did I pick them up!

43 of them I ate, non-stop, making sure that any other intruding vegetables got dropped over the side of my seat (gives one a great medieval feeling doing that!). Then I had pudding (peach crumble and custard since you ask). And as Mummy was taking me out of my high-chair, another one rolled out from a crevice somewhere, so I grabbed that too. 44 in total.

(It was Mummy doing the counting, by the way: I can't, and Daddy had better things to do.)

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