Thursday, June 23, 2011

What have I done with my pocketses?

After Mummy got him dressed this morning, Baby Brother played quite happily for a few minutes. To his delight, he found a penny on the floor. But seconds later he noticed something which put him in great perplexity. He went running to the fount of all wisdom. But she was in the bathroom, so he had to make do with Daddy.

Patting his shorts, and lifting up his tee-shirt, Baby Brother really did look most concerned.

“Where have my pockets gone, Daddy?”, he asked.

Thus it fell to Daddy to explain that, since pockets are not known for spontaneously detaching themselves from garments, it was most likely that Mummy had dressed him in shorts without pockets that morning. And, clever Daddy that he is, he guessed at the question behind the question, and suggested a solution.

“Why don’t you put that penny in your money box instead?”

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