Monday, October 18, 2010

Warwick Castle

We had a homeschool trip to Warwick Castle the other day. P1100472

Most memorable was when little brother unexpectedly made a new friend. He was watching the falconry display from the comfort of his pushchair, and munching on an apple. The star of the show, a vulture, swooped down and landed on little brother’s legs. I’m sure little brother would have been quite happy to share a peck of his apple, but Granny didn’t approve – she shut the hood of the pushchair down and the vulture flew off.

And those stairs! I’m getting pretty good at counting now, but I got close to running out of numbers before we reached the top. Mummy explained that the reason they went round and round in a spiral was to make it more difficult for enemies to climb. I said, if it had been my house, I’d have rather have had the enemies in.

But the view from the top made up for the climb.


Mummy asked me why I thought they built castles on top of hills. I explained that it was to make it easier to see people coming. They didn’t have doorbells in those days.

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