Monday, September 08, 2008

Back to Pre-school

I started Pre-school again the other day. I have a new uniform to wear, and, because I'm now a big girl and staying for lunch, I'm also the proud possessor of a new lunch bag.

Pre-school uniform

Don't I look grown up?

A new girl started today. I thought at first she might be a baby, because she had a dummy. But she wasn't - perhaps she just liked the taste. Her name is Angel. I kept watching her to see if she would fly. It's a good job that she didn't because I don't think my teacher would have been very pleased: she might have knocked the things off the walls.

I told Mummy when we got home that I quite liked pre-school but that it was a bit boring. All we did was play - we didn't do any reading or writing!

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