Friday, October 27, 2006

Learning my Apple Baby Cat

I started learning my letters a few weeks ago. Most people like to start at the beginning of the alphabet. But why be conventional? I decided to start with W. I think its the most interesting sounding letter. It made me giggle the first time Daddy said it, and showed me in my Yak-Yak book (that's what I call it - every letter has its animal).

Then I learnt Em for Mouse (or Mummy), and Ecks for Fox (I think they cheated a bit with that one. Didn't they know about the Xerus?).

My favourite game to play with Daddy was pointing to the letters and getting him to say them. Then I discovered that he knew a song about them. So I added a new command to my vocabulary: "Sing!".

The other day, Granny bought me a new toy. It's a big picture with the letters on, and when I press them, it speaks them out for me. I think that's called cheating, Daddy!

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