Saturday, September 17, 2005

My Summer Holiday

This week I've been on holiday. Mummy and Daddy and Granny and Me went and stayed in a bungalow near Saundersfoot. You can see where that is on this map thingy. It was a very posh bungalow, and I soon made myself feel at home.

On Monday evening we went for a walk at Saundersfoot.

On Tuesday we went on a boat. It took us to Caldy Island. Caldy Island is where Monks live (Mummy kept on calling them Monkies, by I think they're something different. Don't they have tails?). The Monks all live in a big house called a Monastry.

The building you can see at the right of the Monastry is a Post Office. The Monks must send lots of letters to their Mummy's and Daddy's. They make their own chocolate and perfume and Shortbread, but I wasn't allowed to eat any. You can buy some from this shop if you want to.There's a lighthouse on the island. We went for a walk to see it. I got hungry on the way, so we had to stop for me to have my lunch.

On Wednesday we went to a Chocolate Farm. I didn't see any chocolates growing in the field, but they did have Chocolate Fountains.

They dipped a Marshmallow kebab in the fountain for my Daddy to eat. That evening, I went to a big bathroom called The Beach. The floor is made of stuff called sand.

The bath is very big and very cold. I'm afraid I yelled a bit when my feet went in it.

On Thursday we went shopping.

On Friday we came home.

Tenby is a very pretty place. You should go there for your holiday.

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